DISCOVER The Third Era of Computing

Cognitive computing is the next big phase in the technological evolution. We can use cognitive systems to learn how to provide smart answers to our daily needs. These systems learn based on a set of previously implemented rules, which allows them to learn continually and expand their ability to help provide solutions. Cognitive systems are ushering in the future of our interactions with technology and the world.

NDS Chatbots Rethink Conversations

NDS Chatbots are one of a kind. Guided by the principles of data oriented design, we build cognitive agents capable of interacting in a human like way, while solving complex questions, and offering client insights to your company. NDS Chatbots are easily scalable and can support thousands of simultaneous conversations. Our chatbots are found in multiple industries, ranging from Banking to Consumer Services.

How is NDS involved? Cognitive Experts

At Nearshore Delivery Solutions we are dedicated to creating and implementing cognitive solutions. These solutions are smart systems that help our clients reach unprecedented conclusions from their data and find the most efficient answer to any problem. We help our clients with their digital transformations by teaming up with key partners to understand their particular industry or business area. Nearshore Delivery Solutions brings top talent and tech to every cognitive solution.