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Creating new AI solutions for ecommerce, compiance, monitoring, and analysis.

We Bring Innovation to Life

Are you using your innovation budget to maximum advantage? Do you need to encourage your non-technical colleagues to adopt tech innovation (like customer service, marketing, and HR)?

From defining the processes needed to build digital products to how to structure a modernization plan that fits your company and train employees on AI, the Innovation Center helps you eliminate common innovation risks like slow development or adoption.

We offer a collaborative innovation process. We´re easy to work with, offer proven down-to-earth methodologies, and we bring decades of industry

and corporate experience to support your success. When you need a partner to design and build a solution, educate and train colleagues, create rapid prototypes, or translate tech-talk into reality for non technical audiences, we can help.

Part of risk reduction is working with companies with experience in developing and testing technologies. Our experience spans decades of development from platforms to tools and apps. Over the years we´ve designed, built and implemented technologies that help companies find talent, build communities, de-risk financial, offerings, increase influence, secure transactions, automate processes, and so much more.

Recent Software Innovations


Find talent at scale

A proprietary platform was created by NDS Cognitive Labs for our clients to help fill the gap in technical talent. Currently housing more than 20,000 tech professionals, it offers easy ways to filter for skills, capabilities, certifications, languages and more. The platform integrates with Mettle, an automated assessment tool that evaluates candidates' coding capabilities.


Build Communities

To increase user generated content, NDS Cognitive Labs created a platform that builds communities around hobbies and interests. The platform engages creators with the latest trends and news and encourages participation.


De-Risk Offerings

A risk assessment platform that instantly generates and presents a dashboard with risk levels for extending credit, selling insurance, or offering other financial- related products by integrating private and official data.


Increase Influence

Organizations amplify their message through influencers by reviewing profiles and finding ways to partner. Community members provide expertise in areas like cooking, gaming, exercising, technology and more.


Monitor Media

Machine Learning is the secret to analyzing radio broadcasts and identifying when advertising spots appear. NDS Cognitive Labs created this technology that provides a complete record of when and where radio spots aired, analyzes where and how ads are presented, and when you're reaching your audience.


Process automation

Mi Primera Hipoteca is an Al-based online platform that allows companies to automate mortgage estimation; this enables users to understand the requirements needed in order to buy their dream house and the time it will take them to pay off their property.

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