How are NDS Cognitive Labs and DocuSign revolutionizing different processes through digitization and automation?

NDS Cognitive Labs is able to assist other companies in streamlining document management processes in a secure way by implementing DocuSign solutions.

Introduction: Why is the alliance between NDS Cognitive Labs and DocuSign important?

DocuSign is a company that makes it easy to sign, send and manage documents from any device, with complete confidence, anytime, anywhere. It replaces printing, scanning, faxing and document sending with a simple, fast and reliable way to make digital approvals and decisions.

From this alliance, NDS Cognitive Labs is able to assist other companies in streamlining document management processes in a secure way by implementing DocuSign eSignature, DocuSign CLM and other solutions.

What is an electronic signature and why is it important?

An electronic signature is a set of data attached to an electronic message, with the purpose of identifying the person sending the message as its legal author, ensuring the same legal value of a handwritten signature.

The adoption of DocuSign eSignature (simple electronic signature) and DocuSign CLM (end-to-end document management flows) makes it easier for companies to streamline contract processes and planning, work automation, one-click contract creation, collaboration with different work teams, reducing repetitive work, costs and increasing productivity and business generation.

The benefits of modernizing processes while keeping the business running with the help of digital tools

Manual and paper-based processes can slow down business activities, but digitizing them can optimize this process and focus people's time on more important activities.

DocuSign eSignature is the world's leading solution for sending and signing documents from anywhere and at any time; it helps you work in a faster, simpler and more agile way. It can be used for everything from sales contracts and shipments to account opening and invoicing. It simplifies the contracting process and gives customers the flexibility and security they need.

What are the challenges companies face when it comes to managing and automating documents?

In recent years, the need for automating and digitizing processes has become more frequent, which is why it is important to have solutions that simplify the management of these documents and important information. Technological advances have led more and more companies to work collaboratively, remotely and securely in the same place; the cloud.

With this new collaborative alliance, NDS Cognitive Labs and DocuSign support companies to work their documentation in a digitized, faster and more secure way.

What can your company do to take advantage of this new partnership?

If you are interested in learning how these solutions can be implemented in your company, please contact us at and we will respond as soon as possible.

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