NDS Cognitive Labs and Salesforce join forces to revolutionize the customer experience through a collaborative partnership.

Learn how we help companies manage their customer relationships using Salesforce solutions, integrated with AI and Machine Learning

Salesforce, is a company that specializes in relationship management solutions connecting businesses with customers. With the CRM platform; Salesforce 360, companies can rely on powerful products, improve their marketing, sales, business, customer service, IT and more.

It's no lie that competition is growing and staying ahead of the curve every day, making it increasingly difficult to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. That's why we are announcing a new partnership with Salesforce to deliver better solutions to help companies manage their customer relationships using AI, Machine Learning and Salesforce 360 tools, as well as other Salesforce solutions.

Some benefits of this alliance:

  • CRM platform integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Application Development.
  • Easy implementation in businesses with high ROI
  • Monitoring of interactions with each customer
  • Provides connection to users from any device thanks to Cloud Computing
  • Improves communication between different areas of the company by making information from different customers available in the same channel.
  • A flexible and easy scalable solution for any company, as your business grows, the platform adapts to it.

The impact of artificial intelligence in the future of companies

Artificial Intelligence is more present than we think in everyday life. In the corporate world, its implementation helps automate processes, analyze data, support human capital, improve customer service, among other things. Thanks to the implementation of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence undergoes continuous improvement processes that lead to better performance in corporate activities.

What can your company do to take advantage of this new partnership?

If you are interested in learning how these solutions can be implemented in your company, please contact us at hello@ndscognitivelabs.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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