Internet of Things Ensures Safe Drinking Water for Mexican School Children

Artificial Intelligence and data science monitor water availability and predict quality

AI technology to ensure clean drinking water for school children

More than 120 million people live in Mexico, and thousands of drinking fountains have been installed across the country to provide efficient and first-class drinking water. However, offering access to a safe water supply via drinking fountains across a large geographic area requires a robust technological infrastructure in order to ensure water quality and safeguard public health.

NDS Cognitive Labs developed a solution that uses technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence to develop a predictive system to ensure that water filters are changed regularly. The solution consists of wireless sensors which monitor the availability and quality of the water moving through the city’s pipes. Additionally, the system anticipates necessary maintenance services for the water supply chain, thanks to the analysis of structured and unstructured information from official sources and measurements from IoT sensors.

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