NDS Technical Talent

Staff Augmentation

NDS Technical Talent lets you dial your workforce up or down quickly and easily on an hourly or part-time basis.

Technical Talent On Demand

Find the specialized skills you need for simple or complex projects within the largest community of technical professionals in Latam.

Get the speed, expertise and flexibility you need to scale quickly
Communicate in real-time from your time zone
Speak English and be fully understood

Build Teams in a Matter of Weeks

Our expert recruiters and automated technical testing platform ensure technical capabilities and relevant soft skills to meet the exacting standards of global organizations and multinational IT companies.

Technical talent trained and tested on global standards
The right talent for projects big and small
Quickly scale up or down and adjust requirements

76% of tech companies have presence in Mexico

No More Sourcing, Recruiting, or Trying to Retain Talented Engineers

Support HR and project managers by expanding their talent pool with technology experts trained and certified in global standards.

Ready expertise for temporary and permanent positions
Certified technology experts with specialized expertise and soft skills

Technology Teams with Experience in Industry Verticals and Functional Areas

Ramp up quickly for speed to market
Tested on wide areas of expertise from Natural Language Processing to AI, ML and cloud migration
Specialized expertise in customer experience, project management, marketing and sales automation, logistics and more

You’re In Charge

Technology professionals attend meetings and report to you while we quickly and efficiently provide HR and administrative support.

Extensive experience with Agile methodologies, Scrum and Sprint frameworks
Team members adhere to your security procedures and policies

Get It Right Guarantee

Our automated technical testing platform ensures you get the right people for your job to scale your business, accelerate speed to market, augment or replace talent quickly. You get real people, with real skills, with the right fit guaranteed.