IBM x NDS Cognitive Labs: Innovation Through Digital Transformation

Advance your business strategy, model and capabilities with IBM technologies

NDS Cognitive Labs and IBM deliver innovation at scale through software development, applied technologies and rapid prototyping

Business acumen, credentials, and multi-industry implementation experience go a long way towards realizing the business value of digital transformation technologies like AI and Cloud solutions. But to get where you’re going, you need the combination of proven, secure, and innovative technologies and expert, affordable solutions.

Maximize the impact of your investment

Leading the development of cognitive computing and technology innovation in LATAM, NDS Cognitive Labs and IBM deliver Conversational AI and other high-impact solutions based on IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, and hybrid cloud.

“Watson’s Natural Language Processing and other disruptive technologies dramatically improve customer service, engagement and conversion,” says, Gustavo Parés, CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs. “Our Conversational AI solutions powered by NLP have changed the game for companies across many industries, from financial services and retail to non-profits and hospitality.

Technical talent specializing in IBM technologies

NDS Cognitive Labs offers two central business units. One solely implements technologies connected to IBM Watson and using Openshift, while the other implements cloud and AI solutions to address functional areas like customer service.

To keep the specialized technical talent pool growing and thriving, the two technology leaders also work together to develop and identify the best talent in LATAM and globally through International Hackathons. By training thousands of technology graduates from Mexico's top technical universities annually and familiarizing them with IBM professionals, NDS Cognitive Labs has built the largest database of technical talent in LATAM, with nearly 20,000 credentialled technologists.

Technologies supported by NDS Cognitive Labs

  • Watson Assistant
  • Watson Studio Local
  • Cloud Pak for Data 3.0,.1
  • Containers, Docker and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services
  • Openshift

For more insights on the IBM and NDS Cognitive Labs see our cover story in IBM’s CIO Applications magazine or read the case studies below that IBM published about NDS Cognitive Labs (note: written in Spanish and easily translated by Google):

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