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Published Articles

NDS Cognitive Labs Experiences Record Growth, Bolstered by Key Partnerships and Executive Appointments

NDS Cognitive Labs announced its record-breaking corporate growth in 2021, made possible by partnerships with Clip (a digital payment provider), a leading Latin America bank, and global and US technology companies.

Actinver evoluciona con la Inteligencia Artificial de Intel y NDS Cognitive Labs

El grupo financiero mexicano decidió combinar las tecnologías de Intel y NDS Cognitive Labs para brindar una mejor información a sus clientes y potenciales clientes a través de este asistente de conversacional.

Global Technology Leaders NDS Cognitive Labs and Minsait announce partnership

NDS Cognitive Labs, a nearshoring leader in the implementation of sophisticated technologies and Minsait, an Indra company specializing in technology and business transformation, today announced a global go-to-market partnership.

In the race for tech talent, the US should look to Mexico

The global tech sector is booming, with demand for tech talent outstripping global supply as technologies like cloud and AI accelerate growth.

Case Studies


Continuous innovation and new competition have revolutionized the industry. Managing interactions quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively remains a challenge.


AI and IoT have revolutionized manufacturing, but what happens when you integrate communications into every step of the B2B and B2C customer journey?


A new generation of customers prefer to shop online when the market and competition is not only local or national but also international. Organizations must adapt to this trend or risk losing revenue and market share.

Our Founders

Gustavo R. Parés

Founding Partner and CEO

An international technology expert and global educator, Gustavo Parés leads NDS Cognitive Labs as founding partner and CEO, designing and implementing digital transformation, cloud computing and …

Ricardo L. Parés

Co-Founder Partner

Ricardo Parés is a serial entrepreneur focused on business, sales and marketing and a global speaker and media contributor on the topics of Data Science and Customer Experience. Well known for thought leadership…


Tech Talent

Conversational AI

Digital Transformation

Cloud Solutions

Clients & Partners


Consumers are getting more used to using digital media to quote, insurance, plan investments, purchases, and many services, so we have to adapt to different technological innovations and have critical projects such as automation.

María Lourdes Arana Navarro

Executive director of transformational strategy at Actinver.

The transformation of processes that will be carried out in collaboration with NDS Cognitive Labs includes the possibility for clients to benefit from activities such as end-to-end automation of processes or the generation of artificial intelligence tools that completely change the paradigms of user service.

Rodrigo Mendoza

Head of Digital Operations America at Minsait in Mexico.


The Annual Conference of GITMA

In 2022, more than 500 IT professionals attended The Annual Conference of GITMA at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City to learn and discuss topics such as AI, Blockchain, Process Analytics, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, and Quantum Computing. Attendees praised presentations by female technology leaders showing women's advancement in this field and describing how the industry continue to attract women in the coming years. Check this quick recap of the event in the video.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Fintechs and Unicorns like Clip

NDS Cognitive Labs delivered and implemented the ultimate Chatbot solution for the Mexican unicorn Clip as the best way to achieve outstanding results in this new market. This Chatbot uses the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and IBM Watson's natural language processing tools, can identify users' needs, and thus provide the best answer to thousands of questions.

IoT Ensures Safe Drinking Water for Mexican Children

In this video, you will learn how the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) were deployed to develop a predictive system based on mathematical algorithms to ensure water’s availability and predict it’s quality moving through the city’s pipes.

Awards & Recognitions

Entrepreneur of the Year – Nearshore Americas

Top 10 IBM Partners – CIO Applications

Gustavo Parés became president of GITMA and hosts its Annual Conference in Mexico

AI SumMIT Conference | MIT Boston

2020 First ebook publication

2021 Second ebook publication

Why México?

Mexico: The Technology Powerhouse Next Door


Learn how social conditions, technology and economic factors in Mexico contribute to an explosion of innovation and technology development in Mexico.

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