“In the global race for technical talent, the U.S. should look to Mexico.” – Gustavo Parés in TechCrunch

The largest community of qualified, pre-screened technology talent in LatAm for software development, AI, cloud, and digital transformation solutions.

Four Easy Steps to Highly Qualified Technical Talent

Flexible Ways to Work With Us

You manage the talent, or we´ll do it. Either way, we handle all the back office, equipment and HR functions.

Managed Teams

Select and manage dedicated teams in Mexico for long-term collaborative engagements.

Staff Augmentation

Ramp up quickly to meet specific short or long-term needs.

Project-based development

Our full-cycle solution development model, managed and delivered by NDS Cognitive Labs technology and Project Management specialists.

Build Teams in a Matter of Weeks

Our expert recruiters and automated technical testing platform ensure technical capabilities and relevant soft skills to meet the exacting standards of global organizations and multinational IT companies.

Technical talent trained and tested on global standards
The right talent for projects big and small
Quickly scale up or down and adjust requirements

76% of tech companies have presence in Mexico

Specialized Skill Sets for the Most In-Demand Technical Requirements

Front End Engineer
Back End Engineer
Full Stack Engineer
QA Engineer
Technical Architect
Senior Software Engineer
UI/UX Developer
Business Analyst
Technical Support Engineer
And more...
Data Scientist

The Mexican technology workforce is expanding three times faster than the global average

How We Deliver

Co-located in the U.S. and Mexico, NDS Cognitive Labs leads enterprise adoption of digital transformation solutions and enabling technologies including AI, cloud, and technical talent for global organizations and multinational IT companies.

#1 in ease of doing business in LatAm

Mexico: The Technology Powerhouse Next Door

Collaborate in real-time during normal U.S. business hours, fly anywhere in the U.S. within five hours, and communicate in English. Bonus: Talent is typically 30% lower expensive than in the U.S.

Our Proprietary Community of 20,000+ Technology Professionals is Fueled by Mexico’s Leading Universities

Our technologists are trained in global standards with certifications from Mexico’s top universities. Twenty percent of students hold engineering degrees, far surpassing the U.S. in technical talent.

Get It Right Guarantee

Our automated technical testing platform ensures you get the right people for your job to scale your business, accelerate speed to market, augment or replace talent quickly. You get real people, with real skills, with the right fit guaranteed.