NDS Technical Talent

Project-Based Development

Autonomous end-to-end delivery of custom technology specified by you, delivered by us. Fast. Affordable. Innovative. High quality.

From Custom App Creation to Full-Cycle Solutions

Relieve your overburdened HR and engineering teams and still get your innovative technologies out the door.

Simple and complex projects
Get the skills, expertise, and credentials you need to design, build and code innovative technologies
Fast, affordable, high-quality software development
Shared risk with clear goals, objectives and timelines

Ready to Go in a Matter of Weeks

Based on your requirements we’ll advance your product, service or idea with rapid prototyping or an MVP. With our proprietary community of 20,000 technology specialists, we get teams up and running in weeks.

Technical talent trained and tested on global standards
The right talent for projects big and small
Quickly scale up or down and adjust requirements

76% of tech companies have presence in Mexico

Expert Engineering Skills from UX to Security

From Agile methodologies, to design thinking and MVPs, our bilingual workforce (English/Spanish) offers hundreds of specializations and certifications across dozens of advanced technologies to complete your project.

UI/UX Designers
Business Analysts
Solution Architects
Agile Teams
Project Managers

Innovation Experience

Extensive experience developing and testing technologies
Decades of expertise from platforms to tools and apps
Risk assessment and compliance tools
Secure transactions

How We Deliver

Superior communications
Setting clear goals
Acting as a trusted partner
Collaborative mindset
English language proficiency
Proven processes and methodologies

Get It Right Guarantee

Our technical testing platform ensures you get the right people to design, build and scale your

project quickly. We have real people, with real skills, and the right fit, guaranteed.