Chatbot & Virtual Assistant

Meet customer demands, improve user experiences, and enhance human capabilities with AI implementation and training for non-AI personnel.

AI Chatbot VS. Call Centers

Save time and money, and increase customer satisfaction. Calculate how much you can save using an AI Chatbot.


Call center

Average call: 15 minutes

Average cost: $7 per call


AI Chatbot

Average call: <1 minute

Average cost: $1


Virtual Assistants, Chatbots & Multilingual Offerings

Communicate in any language 24/7 through voice, text and chat to save time, solve problems and increase sales.


Leading banks, marketers, retailers, tourism organizations and B2B manufacturers successfully engage on websites and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with AI chatbots.


Improve User Experience

As the pandemic accelerates work-from-home lifestyles, customer service demands are escalating. Instant answers delivered 24/7, help navigating online forms, eliminating long wait times and ease-of-use are now table-stakes for every online and eCommerce competitor. Conversational AI is the answer.

Enhance Human Capabilities

Strategic use of humans combined with virtual assistants saves money and time and satisfies customers. Getting simple answers (like business hours), navigating websites (log-in problems, etc.), and checking addresses, shouldn’t be handled by live agents who are able to empathize and provide more sophisticated solutions.

Training for AI and Non-AI Personnel

AI is everywhere – and not just in the technology department. As dedicated educators, we’re building AI technology expertise around the world. We provide training and help non-AI personnel learn what they can accomplish with intelligent solutions.

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