NDS Technical Talent

Managed Teams

Build a dedicated team that reports to you and is invested in your success. NDS Technical Talent handles admin and HR functions.

The Largest Community of Trained Technologists in Latam

Enterprise-class solutions, not just quick fixes
Meet deadlines without adding headcount
Get immediate results
Support overburdened in-house teams
Communicate in English, in your time zone

Build Teams in a Matter of Weeks

Our expert recruiters and automated technical testing platform ensure technical capabilities and relevant soft skills to meet the exacting standards of global organizations and multinational IT companies.

Technical talent trained and tested on global standards
The right talent for projects big and small
Quickly scale up or down and adjust requirements

76% of tech companies have presence in Mexico

Quickly Pivot, Iterate, Scale and Deliver Features, Updates and Expansions

Select by discipline, certification, vertical and/or functional area
Full-cycle software development
Custom development, applications, products and services
Agile methodology, design thinking, and sprints

Autonomous Teams with Two Levels of Management

Team members report directly to your project managers, attend meetings and act as part of your in-house team
NDS Technical Talent manages objectives and handles admin and HR
Team learns and grows with you and your project for fewer mistakes

Specialized Skill Sets in Top Technologies Like Python, Amazon, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, MongoDB

Data Scientists
IT Security Specialists
Internet of Things (IoT)
Software Engineers
Database Administrators
QA Engineers
Technical Project Managers
AI/ML Experts

Get It Right Guarantee

Our automated technical testing platform ensures you get the right people for your job to scale your business, accelerate speed to market, augment or replace talent quickly. You get real people, with real skills, with the right fit guaranteed.