MEXICO: The New Global Technology Development Hub

Social, technological and economic factors are contributing to an explosion of innovation and technology development in Mexico

Social, technological and economic factors are contributing to an explosion of innovation and technology development in Mexico, making the country a prime hub for global organizations with technical talent, software development and conversational AI.

As the technology innovation gateway to Latin America (LatAm), Mexico now has the largest fintech environment, tech start-ups have tripled since 2010, and government and VC investment in the startup ecosystem is skyrocketing. In addition, Mexico’s working age population is projected to be 68% by 2033, more than any other LatAm nation, according to

Supported by higher education, a growing middle class, and women’s participation in the economy, Mexico’s workforce offers superior English and Spanish language skills, proximity to the U.S. and Canada, convenient time zones, and a collaborative culture. With more than 650,000 working technology professionals, and a technology workforce expanding three times faster than the global average, Mexico is primed to support international technology development.

For nearly two decades, NDS Cognitive Labs has led the development of cognitive computing and technology innovation in Mexico. As founders of the first cognitive computer association in LatAm, NDS propels the growth and development of technology talent through teaching and affiliations with four of the leading technology Universities including Monterrey Institute of Technology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Universidad Iberoamericana, and Instituto Politécnico Nacional.

NDS Cognitive Labs’ development and implementation models are supported by a proprietary database of 20,000 highly skilled technologists trained in U.S. and global standards. The database filters and pre-screens candidates by technical expertise, English language proficiency, corporate culture alignment, collaboration capabilities and other soft skills.

Why México?

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NDS Cognitive Labs rapidly and affordably develops and integrates sophisticated technologies, leading the implementation of conversational AI, cloud, and digital transformation solutions in Latin America. Co-located in Mexico and the United States, NDS delivers essential innovation and a collaborative team experience through three flexible development models including turn-key services, Outstaffing, and Global In-House Centers. Drawing from our proprietary platform of 20,000 highly skilled tech technology professionals trained in U.S. and global standards, we work with the top global technology providers including IBM, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, MongoDB and more.